Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Podcast #1

1. Broken Bells - "The High Road" (Broken bells)
Broken Bells is comprised of James Mercer (Singer/Lead Guitarist of The Shins) and Danger Mouse (Gnarls Barkley, Gorrilaz, Beck, Black Keys, & Jay-Z/Beatles mash-up The Gray Album). This is wistful dreamy spacey electro-pop. Great to zone-out with.

2. Dessa - "Dixon's Girl" (A Badly Broken Code)
Dessa belongs to Hip-Hop artist P.O.S. label/crew Doomtree. She is a philosophy major and accomplished poet. She sings and raps beautiful stories. There is something honest, feminine, and rugged about this girl. Don't sleep.
3. Whaleface - "Gunslinger" (Mind Your Pros And Cons)
Think Pennywise, Ignite, pool skating, and adults...Yup, great great stuff....super under-appreciated!

4. Xavier Rudd - "The Letter" (Food In Your Belly)
Australian pro-surfer who's lyrics deal with injustices done to the indigenous people of Australia. he also sings about life, love, and spirituality. All with a chill laid back attitude. Some of his songs even have Digerado's in them!

5. Jimi Hendrix - "Valleys Of Neptune" (Valleys Of Neptune)
If you don't know who Jimi Hendrix is....jump off a cliff because you are a dumbass. This is from a new album which was released last week. Someone stumbled cross some unrealesed studio tracks of his and decided to put this out. It's phenomenal!

6. Brzowski - "Life On A Shell Ft. J.Lee" (Blooddrive Vol. 2 -The Wreckage Between)
Brzowski hails from Portland, Maine and his part of the Milled Pavement Collective. He is an amazing lyricist and is heading in big directions. His style is kind-of similar to Sage Francis. 

7. Alison Krauss - "Everytime You Say Goodbye" (Everytime You Say Goodbye)
Beautiful voice that has been on the circuit for a long time. She released a colabo album with Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin fame a couple of years back. She creates beautiful music that transcends genre boundaries. Blurring the lines between country, folk, bluegrass, rock, indie, and soul.

8. The Bouncing Souls - "Ghosts On The Boardwalk" (Ghosts On The Boardwalk)
In 2009 the Bouncing Souls celebrated their 20th anniversary as a band by releasing a new song on the first of each month throughout the year, via digital download. They also pressed these songs onto a series of 7" vinyl records which they sold everywhere they went during a year-long tour. This album is all of those songs. This is one of those songs.

9. Billie Holiday - "No Regrets" (Lady Day Collection)
The great Jazz singer that revolutionized the genre. Get classy and listen to her and appreciate her!

10. Cecil Otter - "Rebel Yellow" (Rebel Yellow)
Another member of P.O.S.'s label/crew Doomtree. This guy is very articulate sharp with his witty lyrics. He has also won tons of spoken word and poetry contests. Get into it!

11. Broken Bells - "Vaporize" (Broken Bells)
(Look at the top)

12. Dessa - "Mineshaft II" (A Badly Broken Code)
(Look at the top)


Through all the bad and good times in life and everything in between, there is always one Everyone speaks it....forget is not the universal language (some people don't know what love is, or don't have the ability to understand it) but I's music. Music can have the power to move you, to bring you to a happier state, to drag you into a dark invokes so much emotion, good or bad, that there is even genre's and sub-genre's named after the state of emotion said music is intended for. This blog is dedicated to bringing you some new and old music, available to download, and I hope it helps broaden your music tastes, cause after all....variety is the spice of life. This will be updated about one a week, so keep checking back and tell all your friends.